5 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business This 2015

Falling out in the wrong place with your marketing plans can be the biggest disaster you could ever face this time. You are doing everything you can from your social media posts, email sends and conducting newsletters everywhere in your contacts but still there is no response. You also rinse and repeat the cycle.

You would probably like to spend more time doing productively on your social media but the demand of time to be spent on it every day is very limited. Does it sound like your marketing strategy as well? For you to have few innovative shortcuts for promoting your company, we have compiled some of the best marketing tips that will surely work for you as well as they have worked for other start-ups.

1. Be Interactive

Have you tried posting on Quora? It is one way to get major media attention these days. They are well-known when it comes to web portal for offering your expertise especially for your business. This is good for companies who want to post longer, well-written replies using Quora in hopes of getting major media attention in the interactive world. Aside from Quora, you can also post on Klout with some advice and then you can also watch your content or if you used company links that shows up in Bing search results too.

2. Think Highly of your Content

Always remember that content is king when it comes to content aggregators. Every company should spend more time using content aggregators but also most of them don’t put in the effort to do so. The best approach to achieve success in your business is to write a blog post or other content then re-publish it on multiple services. Remember, the more you post on the social media services, the more the content will propagate.

3. With Social Marketing, Always Follow the Influencers

It is one of the known social marketing tricks in this time around. When you tweet what they say and form a relationship, they often will return the favour. You can start with connecting your social media marketing with at least five or ten influencers of the influencers. Through social nets, they will be at a conference and make sure you are there, ready to begin your pitch for the said person. Just remember that if you don’t done this properly, the consequence is high.

4. Offer Help, Think and Sell your Product

This is one of an interesting tactic that requires some hard work, dedication, passion and commitment for your business to grow. Marketing advises people to connect with those who run curated sites in your market segment. But the trick is a little more subtle. You start by looking for broken links using a tool in your service or product then connect it once again. You then offer to help fix the broken links and mention that you also sell a related product.

5. Load Up on Content This Time

If you are going to start this trick, you need to remember that this one is so aggressive. When you are struggling to increase your pagereviews, you can start to load up for about 250,000 articles related to your public databases. When you do this, your site will grew quickly from that point on according to Google analyzes for your site’s content.

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Top 9 Marketing and Advertising Books That You Should Read Today

Today, we have selected top 9 books about marketing and advertising that you should definitely read and used for your business today. Some of these books explain how technology has changes the strategy and tactics of marketing these days and others are timeless observations about human nature, interaction and following group behaviour. See them all below:


  1. Crossing the Chasm

It is published by Geoffrey Moore and it is all about identifying the differences between innovators and laggards and everything in between when it comes to marketing and advertising industry. This book also focuses on high technology and it gives lessons that draws prospect clients and gives example as well that are very applicable to every industry and business situation.

  1. The Life of PT Barnum

At first glance you may think that this is some kind of a personal branding kind of book. This one is all about the rage and how the true expert of self promotion was great for any types of industry. It talks about how to manage your business to enhance, build, change and strengthen the public image of the author for over half a century that keeps on forcing the world to take his own terms and it is quite a fascinating stuff.

  1. Selling the Invisible

If you are into the transformation of marketing and advertising for the past years, this book is a sure fire for your taste. It identifies the most significant economic transformation of the past 50 years that has been change, from manufacturing economy to a service-based one. It also defines the key to making the transition successfully which is the unseen ability to build strong relationships with the people that you work with.

  1. Influence

This book is really good for salespeople as it is to marketers. It talks about how your actions and words can profoundly affect the desires and needs of your customers and even to your competitors.

  1. Buy-ology

When you read this one, you will learn that by injecting neuroscience into the art of marketing, you will find that it is influenced by mental forces of which we are only vaguely aware of it at all.

  1. Permission Marketing

For decades marketing pundits thought about marketing in terms of cramming your brand messages down people’s throats. This book by Seth Godin will change your concept about marketing upside down by pointing what are the choices you can do and what messages to choose that you want to hear and enhance more.

  1. Guerilla Marketing

The book explains why it’s no longer necessary to spend a great deal of money to gain visibility, as long as you’re willing to get creative.

  1. The Long Tail

By reading this book, you can get the gist of it from the author’s original article and you will be dominated by niche products.

  1. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Lastly, this book will remind you that marketing ultimately means understanding groups of people and how they think even though technology has changed over the decades.


Did I miss any of your favourite marketing and advertising books in the list? Comment it below if you think it should be included in our next topic!

Tips on Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Strategies for your Business

What can you do to integrate online and offline marketing strategies for your business today? There are central message and many marketing mediums that you can find for your business. There are other ways to help promote and improve your brand experience like conducting interactions between the mediums that attracts more viewers and visitors to your online site. Or you can whatever it is that your message is promoting to reach out the public’s concerns.


When it comes to offline advertising, you need to drive the majority of online search queries to achieve success. In the offline advertising, doing integration is really essential to being found where you prospects may choose to look. That is where you need to encourage them along the sales funnel.


If you are doing the traditional as well as the digitally kind of advertising, integrating both of it is not a challenge task if you know what to do.


Here are the things you need to do to be strong with your online and offline marketing strategies:


  1. For your smart internet marketing strategy, you can use “hashtags” to enter your prospects’ minds and interests.

You might be familiar with hashtags today, right? When you use hashtags, it will let prospects in on what people are saying about your brand or your services offered and then you invite them to join the conversation by using the hashtag that you organize. These days, hashtags are easy to remember and prospects are more likely to use them to learn about your brand through online. You can integrate hashtags into your traditional advertising by including them in your flyers, brochures and banners.


Hashtags are widely used these days particularly in Twitter and there are millions of active users every day that uses it in digital conversations to talk about something like brands and other things common to them. Encourage guests at your company events to use hashtags in exchange for rewards. That way you can communicate well with your prospect clients and to your loyal customers as well to enhance awareness around your brand.


  1. Interact with your prospect clients or customers using QR codes in your offline marketing collateral.

Aside from hashtags, you can try and use fliers and other offline marketing collateral printed with QR codes. These are two-dimensional matrix codes that are often used by marketers all over the world for effective offline and online advertising. You need to define the objective you want the QR code to achieve for your business. Encourage customers to rate your product/service by taking them to your internal feedback system using the QR code you have given.


  1. If you are a local business, you can try requesting mobile check-ins direct to your physical store.

When you are considering using this, it is one of the best online marketing strategies you can use and is popular by marketers all over the world. Mobile check-ins allows customers visiting your store to communicate their interaction with your business. They are also effective in bringing attention to your brand or services offered and making your business look and appear likeable and exciting just like when you use hashtags. To encourage customers, you can offer a free item or discount for every check-in.


When you are aiming for business success using online or offline advertising, you need to match the look and feel of your online and offline marketing. What are the methods you have used to integrate online and offline marketing? Share with us your tips and advice below!

Top and Effective Social Media Marketing Tutorial Videos to Use

If you are going to start with social media marketing, you need to learn and understand first what the things you need to do are. Here are some of the best social media tutorial videos to help you properly set up many important basic functions for your business’ site as a startup. You just need to remember that this post focuses on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media networks. They are the top most social media networks used by professional business owners and marketers all over the world.

  1. Searching in Plain English using Twitter

Here you can see that the Common Craft put together some of the amazing tutorial videos that you can use like for example there is a video explaining about Twitter search in plain English only. They main purpose of this tutorial video is to help the startup business learn and understand Twitter well because Twitter search is a very powerful one. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still do a quick Twitter search for an industry that is related to your business as well like topics or interests that you will surely like.


  1. Using Twitter for Startup Business

The tutorial video of Howcast will help you understand Twitter best for your business by explaining the basics in getting started.


  1. Using TweetDeck

With Duct Tape Marketing, they will teach you how to use TweetDeck in adding a Twitter client that will definitely change your life and to improve your Twitter’s online interface.


  1. Trick for more Twitter Followers

If you are into enhancing your Twitter followers for your business Twitter account, go to SmartPassiveIncome to learn some of the sneaky tricks in making your Twitter followers go BOOM.


  1. Setting up a Facebook Fan Page for your Business

The Marketing Twins will help you how to create a fan page and learn the basics for your Facebook business page.


  1. Adding Facebook “LIKE” Button to your Site

Again, with Duct Tape Marketing, they will show you some important explanations and different types of Facebook “like” buttons that you can use for your page and you can also add to your website.


  1. Import Blog or RSS Feed into Facebook

Click on Tech-Recipes to learn video outlining and how to add a blog or RSS feed to your Facebook account of page.


  1. Creating 100 percent Complete LinkedIn Profile

If you still don’t know how to use and create your own LinkedIn profile, here are the basic steps that you should do.


  1. Using LinkedIn Answers for your Business Account

If you want to learn about outlining the ins and outs of LinkedIn Answers, I highly recommended that you should try this video of MrInternetTips. It’s a great place to make connections, find prospects and help brand yourself as a thought leader on a particular topic or industry.


  1. Using and Getting LinkedIn Recommendations for your Business

If you want to learn another LinkedIn tip that explains how to give and get recommendations on LinkedIn, click on the link and see the other related videos too.


These are my top most effective social media marketing tutorial videos list that you can use for your business. If you have any ideas or other videos that you can suggest, feel free to post it in the comment below!

How to Move Forward After the Ups and Downs of Your Business

The challenges and obstacles that you will encounter when you run a small business is part of the many trials that you will face in the industry you have chosen. One of the challenges you will face is when you reach the time that you will lose a client and you manage the lack of success and you feel down. Also, a challenge such as not getting paid for your hard work and even your competition is taking your market share in just a storm. Small and big businesses all have been there. It all depends on how you handle the outcome of the hardship you will face and how to essentially build great stamina that is required to run the business you are planning to build for long term.


During down periods, we have to save money and focus on moving forward to keep the business in gear. It’s a must to keep positive during the downturn. The most common experience that you will encounter is when success knocks on your door, you either have too much work to do or you even don’t have enough time to entertain it perhaps. We need to be prepared all the time when the time comes.


Here are the things you can do to keep your business moving forward after experiencing ups and downs:


  1. When starting a business, money is everything. In discussing things related to building your business, the first thing that comes up in your mind is money, right? The thing is that it is never enough of it. You get what you need if you think of it objectively. When you want to start a business, you don’t need to spend the whole payment once it came in. You need to think of it before taking it for a spin. This is how you should handle your money during ups and downs.


  1. Not getting paid for your hard work could make or break a business, particularly the small ones. That is why you need to be attached to yourself and adopt a saving policy so that you can survive the dry times of your business. It’s really important that you should do this because it’s been very hard to always have enough money in the bank to keep your business going. You need to think about the best way to consider few cuts or taking a bank loan perhaps if you really need to.


  1. When you lose your best customer don’t mean it is the end of your business. Other startup businesses think of this way. There will be a new client around the corner and all you need to is to never close your door for better opportunities. The best way to handle this is to go out and get new business. Keep looking for new ways to build your business, move forward and do not dwell on the losses.


  1. Watch what your competitors are doing with their market share. Learn from them because they are your direct contact to what the public wants as of the moment. See if they are employing new techniques that can also work for your business as well. This is your moment to enhance your own business to build up your reputation.


How your businesses survive the ups and downfall of it? You can share your experiences with us below or on our social media accounts!